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You canít change the weather, but you can change your response to it!

The weather has a greater influence on crop protection than many farmers think. It affects the development of diseases and pests, the application and effectiveness of products and the protection of plants and harvested crops.

What are the ideal weather conditions for spraying? Not a gale or downpour, but certainly not a dead calm either. What demands do crop protection agents impose in terms of temperature, humidity and other meteorological factors? Insects are more active in warm weather, for example, and may pose a problem. But, at the same time, insecticides are more effective in warm weather.
The Agro meteorological Advisory Service Erno Bouma has the answers to these and many other questions.

After following a lecture or a course about Weather & Crop Protection, anyone involved in outdoor cultivation will understand the influence of weather on diseases, pests and their control. You will be able to take preventive action or respond in good time to the first signs of disease in order to achieve the best possible results for your crop, your wallet and the environment.

Recently, Erno Bouma has published a book about Weather and Crop Protection. This book got a lot of good critics: f.e. The Irish Farmers Journal: "It is a must for every sprayers toolbox!" The price of the book 'Weather & Crop Protection' is &euro 17.90 [ISBN 978-90-8740-002-6] and is available at Roodbont publishers.