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Lectures and courses

Weather & Crop Protection

Why canít you spray insecticides and fungicides together to obtain a good effect? Why shouldnít you tackle volunteer potatoes in a dry, sunny spell? Is it better not to spray at all when there is no wind?
Answers to all of these questions can be found in lectures and courses 'Weather & Crop Protection', essential for arable farmers, contractors, outdoor crop growers and livestock farmers who grow forage crops. In short, for anyone involved in crop protection outdoors.


The central focus of the lecture is the influence of weather on the effect of crop protection agents. It gives an insight into the role of temperature and humidity on pests and diseases and the uptake of Crop Protection Agents.
Of course, there are possibilities to organize these lectures due to personal preferences.


During a course, there is more time to study the theory more closely. Clear descriptions of what happens at plant and leaf level during the uptake and transport of crop protection agents show how best to set about the task of crop protection. Combined with the many practical examples, these descriptions give you a better understanding of the relationship between these weather parameters on the uptake, adhesion and effect of crop protection agents. Furthermore, during these courses, the background information of the Decision Support Systems like Gewis, Prophy (dss for control of potato Late blight) and CerDis (dss for control of cereal disease) will be explained.
The book 'Weather & Crop Protection' will be used as a course book.